Some feedback from Steve's gigs, music and videos


Amazing gig tonight at the Trinity, blew me away cannot wait until the next one xxxxx Jane Gulliver


"Our first time seeing you. Very impressed. Wish I could make my guitar sound like that" "I recommend a visit to any music fan. I've never seen anybody play a guitar like that x" Christine Buckland


That was an amazing show, Steve.  I knew you were good but I didn't know you were a genius!  Stephen Mitchell

"Tanya Jones and I thought you were amazing”. Gareth Jones


Such an amazing gig. I haven't seen any of your solo stuff and loved it. I listen a lot to Tommy Emanuel's album "Only" and also Willy Porter. Anyway your songs are brilliant Steve id love a CD when they are out as you were totally different to anything I have heard.  So thanks for inspiring me to get practising again. Please let me know next time your playing in the south east I'd love to bring a few people along to see you. Thanks again Will Hall


"Great performance; truly inspiring indeed! And don't forget to play that Lenny Breau inspired piece composed entirely with harp harmonics. Cant wait!" Piers Hudson


"Great set Steve!" Sam Woods


Hey, just saw you at the Trinity :) you were awesome!  Robert Harmer  


"Fantastic tonight at the Trinity. You are soooo talented. What a great evening. X" Sue Isted


 Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your gig. It really was truly superb; the way that you have developed such a complex yet musical and accessible style is fantastic; I was so impressed that I am almost lost for words! I found that at several points I was caught up in the music and carried with it, which is something that doesn't always happen when seeing live music and that is down to you and your command of the guitar and the material you were playing. Alan Clarke


You were always head and shoulders above the rest but now you are a world class act.... Chaz Wells


Your set was amazing tonight! I'm really getting to know those songs! Cannot wait for a CD :) Josh Westover


Hi steve , f#@k me mate that was incredible!! Great show. Adrian


Absolutely wonderful and thank you. Your playing has always made me cryx Pam Robinson