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Remembrance day theme tune and live video

Steve releases a live video from a recent gig of a tune called "Remembrance" that was written as a theme tune to Remembrance day and is dedicated to his two great, great uncles who were killed in action in WW1.

See video 

Steve receives standing ovation at recent gig

Steve receives a standing ovation at recent gig. The audience at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells witnessed Steve performing a variety of his tunes and entertaining them with accompianing stories! (See feedback column coming soon!)

Successful Musikmesse show, Frankfurt 

A busy week of performances both on solo acoustic and playing electric for 5aint productions and Presonus demonstrations at the Frankfurt Musikmesse show and won a lot of new fans with some amazing performances on the PreSonus stage. 


Steve enjoyed playing through the PreSonus ADL preamps, StudioLive mixing desk and into their StudioLive speaker system, he said it was the best he had heard his solo set sound!


On the electric side we played through a Mesa Boogie Mark Five into a Palmer 03 speaker simulator direct into the desk. Again an awesome sound!

The PreSonus StudioLive mixer also features the PreSonus capture software onboard which means a lot of Steve's live performances where recorded. The Live recordings/video footage will be posted here soon so keep checking in for updates.


Amongst many highlights of the week, Steve had the privilage of meeting Jean Larrivee of Larrivee guitars and the next morning during sound checks Jean Larrivee turned up to hear Steve perform on his Larrivee parlour guitar that is at the forefront of Steve's solo percussive style. More information on that will be posted in a separate article later.

Steve to perform at the Musikmesse show Frankfurt, Germany

Steve will be performing his Solo music at this year's Musikmesse show for top studio music company PreSonus on the Presonus stage on all four days of the event 12-15 March.


In addition he will be performing both with the PreSonus all stars band and Producer/Songwriter 5aint.


5aint and Steve have worked together on many projects in the past and will be performing some of their most recent work at the show.