Music Videos

Steve's live renition of Peter Gabriel's "Biko"


Steve releases a live video from a recent gig of a tune called "Remembrance" that was written as a theme tune to Remembrance day and is dedicated to his two great, great uncles who were killed in action in WW1.

Interview with Steve for Presonus plus a snippet of Steve's arrangement of Peter Gabriel's "Biko"  live at the Musikmesse show, Frankfurt

So apparently after 4 days of shows and very little sleep Steve starts to sound Australian! He insists it's his best Kentish... accent which is similar!

Electric Jamming On "Weekend Army" at the Musikmesse show, Frankfurt

Checkout this recent iphone footage of Steve jamming over the song "Weekend Army" for 5aint productions and PreSonus at the Musickmesse show, Frankfurt.

"Beckolious Beacon" - low quality video of lively performance

A low quality video of a lively performane of "Beckolious Beacon" that was captured by an audience member. Though the quality of the visual and sound is low, it captures the spirit of the performance.

PreSonus release video of recording documentary and enlist Steve as an Artist Endorsee.